carrotsPlanting Potatoes

          In our present day and age, it is important for young children to learn where our food comes from and to experience the work involved in planting and harvesting a thriving vegetable garden. Carrotts and potatoes do not simply come from the grocery store and hamburgers are not simply packages of frozen goods! Speckled Frogs dayhome offers children the opportunity to get down in the dirt, dig, explore, plant and harvest a small vegetable patch every spring/summer. We have also had kids help out with various backyard projects designed specifically to attract wildlife and natural growth. Examples of these projects are butterfly houses, tree planting, collecting bramble, bird habitats, wood/leaf piles to encourage lady bug populations and our own water garden/bog (still under way). Last summer we also created our own worm farm in a glass aquarium so kids could see compost in action!!