Birthday Party Zooties & Rentals!!

Speckled Frogs Dayhome has a mini zoo for the enjoyment of children; including two bearded dragons, two ferrets, an 180 gallon fish tank and a lovely border collie named Merlin! Due to the popularity of our critters, we are now offering a chance for interactive visits and presentations at local birthday parties! There are two options: “Ferret Fun” or “Dashing Dragons!!” each for a flat rate of only $65; presentations and fun last for approximately one hour to an hour and a half!!! 

Dashing Dragons includes a short educational presentation, a live feeding demonstration involving superworms and a chance to pet and hold our friendly reptiles for a photo op! These photos can be taken by the parents and come at no additional cost; special requests can include an interactive swim or bathing demonstration as well. The presentation takes about one hour in length and dragons can stick around for a few extra minutes if requested for some more playtime! Loot bags can be purchased at $5 per child and include several reptile toys, a lizard drawing/coloring pad and some playdough!

Ferret Fun also includes a live interactive presentation, lot’s of playtime with various equipment and a chance to take our friendly critters for a walk, either around the house or yard! They are trained, hand-held and healthycreatures who relish the chance to run and romp; if you are lucky they may even fetch a ball for hide and go seek or perform a hilarious wiesel dance!!! Optional loot bags include a ferret coloring sheet, crayons, information packet/images, a small ferret toy and a fruit bar (ferrets love fruit)! The fun lasts for approximately one hour, so if you are looking for a truly unique birthday party at an affordable rate, please give us a call!

Our facility can also be rented for $45/1 hr. so your child can experience the fun without the hassle; a great alternative option in winter or summer. Rentals include the art studio space, small gym space, outdoor sand park and main playroom; the kitchen will also be available for use, though families will be expected to clean up before departure. Paper plates, napkins and decor can be ordered on a custom basis for an additional cost.

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